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A thoughtful conversation about life-saving nutrition, by real people—that is the goal for Word of Wisdom Living.  Society’s knowledge of nutrition brings to mind those ancient maps, with the continents badly misshapen and large areas simply titled terra incognita.  Like those early explorers with their crude maps, we can survive if we make wise use of imperfect information. 

The available information begins with science.  Though much was learned about nutrition in the 20th century, the greater part remains unknown.  Many basic questions are unanswered.  We can fill in the blanks by turning to two venerable but neglected sources: Tradition and Scripture

Tradition refers to the food wisdom of past generations, when food came from farms rather than factories.  The food at hand varied in every land, but wise people evolved a diet on which they could thrive.  We descend from those survivors; the lessons of their lives could save ours. 

Scripture is inspired and provides guidance on nutrition.  There are important clues, beginning with the Creation account in the first chapter of Genesis.  Another scripture is the Word of Wisdom, a canonized scripture of the Mormon church which contains seven dietary rules.  You don’t have to be Mormon to benefit from this inspired counsel.  More than most realize, God has provided protection against dietary folly.

Taken together, science, tradition and scripture offer the best guidance on how to live, and what to eat.  That is our first premise.  Our second premise is based on the observation that few people are able to make major dietary change.  Changing one's diet is difficult, especially if done all at once.  So we offer 52 Healthy Changes, one for each week of the year, each a doable improvement to your lifestyle.  (We also offer breakthrough recipes, and weekly dinner menus.)

Our third premises is that lasting change is most likely if you involve your closest friends.  This was the conclusion from a major study of people who stopped smoking.  If you want to be healthier and keep your old friends, invite them to join you. 

Caution:  This conversation is informational and is not meant as medical guidance, nor should this blog interfere with or take the place of your medical caregiver. 


About the author:

Skip Hellewell is an engineer who spent his career in the medical field before taking up writing.  Though he has the greatest respect for the medical profession, he also recognizes the limits of medicine, as practiced today.  This understanding led to his focus on prevention as a health and longevity strategy.   Skip is the father of six children, grandfather of eighteen, and the husband of Clare, know here as "the beautiful wife."  He is a fifth-generation Mormon and a student of the Word of Wisdom, the Mormon code of health.  Skip and Clare divide their time between Laguna Beach, California, and the small town of Midway, in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

E-mail: skip [at] wordofwisdomliving [dot] com

Note:  This is a nonprofit blog; there will be no ads and nothing is for sale.  Though an avid student of nutrition, I am neither doctor nor scientist and don’t pretend to be.  In fact, that is my credential: I’m a private person studying a public puzzle: how to live.  In my search I have read over a hundred books, plus many, many articles and studies.  Whatever I have been able to learn, I freely offer for your consideration and comment.

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